Lindt Truffles

Went to +CVS/pharmacy  to do my shopping Saturday and found that #LindtTruffles were on sale. I had not planned on getting any and debated as I had gone there with an agenda but I could not resist the calling I get from my desire for white chocolate @Lindt Truffles that comes when I see them every year at this time. So of course I had to buy some. Only this time I bought my usual plus another 2 flavors, one I have had previously and liked and another I had never seen but is made of white chocolate also. I figured I would try them. Needless to say I have not tried the new kind yet as I am saving them for last. However, the white chocolate #LindtTruffles are gone already. I ate the whole bag between 11pm on Saturday and about 4pm Sunday afternoon. They were so delicious I just could not resist their smooth creamy centers with the outer she of irresistible white chocolate harder layer. Such a delinquently delicious chocolate. Its not a chocolate I eat all the time as I am on a budget, though not overly expensive, somewhat affordable, just not cheap. I have always been a white chocolate person, never liked milk chocolate and so #LindtTruffles white chocolate is perfect for me!


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