Waffle House

O20da3d0d8eb134b7d70458d7a43aa57fdc61916b4b58faf5bcn our ride home from South Carolina last week we stopped at waffle house for breakfast. I ordered 2 breakfast sandwiches with egg, sausage, and cheese. I substituted my biscuits for the new #JalapenoCheddar ones pictured in the poster posted here from the front window. First off service was not great at the specific waffle house we went to in South Carolina. The waitress was in attentive as well as the cook which was apparent when after my order came back wrong with just sausages on the Jalapeno biscuits without the eggs nor the cheese they fixed the order. The cook then left the pan on the griddle and its handle caught fire. My niece seen the small flame and the waitress was then able to put it out quickly with no issues and commented to the or waitress about “he did it again” talking about the cook. Anyway, the biscuits did not have much of a jalapeno taste nor spice to them and were fairly dry compared to some restaurant breakfast biscuits I have had. The coffee I had was good. But all and all I had a poor experience at this #WaffleHouse


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