Samsung Galaxy S3

I have had my Samsung Galaxy S3 for just about 4 months now. Its a great phone compared to my previous phone that was not bad for its time but got old quick which was also an Android based phone. I am currently running a custom ROM on Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. My S3 is a US Cellular version, however it is flashed over to a prepaid network, Selectel Wireless, which runs off the Verizon cell towers and roams on US Cellular towers without having to add money to my account for extra roaming fees. I pay a flat fee for my unlimited monthly service and get my talk, text, data, and web. The web speed is throttled after 2gb per month I believe but not for sure as I most of the time use wireless networks so do not believe I hit that point with this provider as I have previously with some others who I know throttle the web and data speeds after 2gb.

The S3 is nice sized touch screen device. It is not too big that it does not fit into a pocket, but also not small where you can hardly do what is desired. This phone is almost as good as a computer but yet its in the palm of your hands and it is more convenient than a computer. I use my phone for everything in my life just about nowadays. From banking, paying bills, checking in with family on social networks, watching videos, and playing games. I also use my Galaxy S3 to make about $20-$30 a month in gift cards by supporting research with my device. I even am writing this blog from my Galaxy. The screen resolution is excellent and videos play nicely. When playing games they run smoothly. I have not found them to be delayed or slow on the S3. I love the night scene mode in the camera as it has allowed me to take some awesome evening pictures of the moon in the clouded sky, something I had never done before. The rear camera is an 8mp camera and can zoom somewhat. You can manually adjust some of the camera functions with some tinkering. I have not played with the front camera much except to take a few pictures just to see the functioning of it which was more limited than the rear facing camera. The pixels are much smaller also.



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