Glade Hawaiian scented wax melts

I bought the Glade Hawaiian wax melts that go into a burner and diffuses a sweet aroma into the air. Along with the wax melts I also purchased some air freshener to natch for the bathroom. I found the scent to be excellent and seem to be a lasting effect compared to some other products I have used including products that claim to be better and that cost more money. Nonetheless the Hawaiian Glade wax melts have aromitized my apartment for a few weeks now and as I get ready to switch scents and try another product I am hoping I don’t lose the great aroma I smell even before opening the thick door I have. The aroma does not seem to last longer than 2 days at most 3 days before I feel it needs changing as it is not as strong. Glade definitely has produced a nice product with an excellent mix of fruity floral combination to this Hawaiian product. I am glad I bought them and caught them at CVS during a great rewards period.



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