HP Touchpad

I have had my HP Touchpad for just over a month now. I bought it from eBay used and already a dual boot system. It boots Windows iOS and Android. When I initially got it the camera only worked in the Windows iOS system which is common with custom changing ROMS. Also the Bluetooth did not work and the Android system as well as the iOS system needing upgrading. It worked well for my games and web browsing however.
I was not satisfied until a few days ago when I was able to figure out and fully upgrade the whole HP Touchpad. It took me a while due to needing to bring the touchpad all the way back to its state of coming out if the box and then customizing it from there by upgrading the iOS system first then adding the dual boot to it with Android. I have it running Ice Cream Sandwich Cygenmod 9.
The 1.2 GHz processor is running great. The camera is not the best but its okay for Skype and keeping in touch with family and friends through your favorite online or app based video calls. The web browsing works well and seems to be handled with ease on both systems with the HP Touchpad. I am running about 80 Android apps on mine and don’t see any issues since updating it. Android system is the system I use daily don’t hardly use the Windows iOS side of this tablet but all in all its a great device and in my opinion better than the iPad 2.


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