Naturemade VitaMelts

I purchased the chocolate mint Naturemade VitaMelts Relax. It is a package of 60 tiny 3mg melatonin melting tablets that have a chocolate mint taste. The taste truly is that of chocolate mint and is not chalky or chemical like. This is the first of this type of product I have used as I have had sleep issues for years. I currently am prescribed sleeping medications but don’t like to take them every night due to their addictive nature and of course I have been on many and these work for me which is rear so I also do not want to build a tolerance. So I figured I would try the VitaMelts having no expectations of them working for me however for the past 3 nights I have taken 2 VitaMelts and gone to sleep shortly after taking them. I am quite surprised they have worked for me and they tasted as good as they do too. I plan on purchasing some more! I definitely recommend Naturemade VitaMelts chocolate mint Relax to others who need help falling asleep.


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