Mederma Old and New Scar fading

I used this after a dog attack in which my lip was ripped and needed a plastic surgeon called into the emergency room. The surgeon redid my lip and though I still have some non feeling there he did a good job all and all. However the scars would be there once all said and done. Mederma helped my scars fade before having time to set in. Not only did I have the scar on my lip but also several other facial tears where I was stitched. Immediately after removal of stitches I used mederma and worried it would not help but it did. I barely can see the scars 13 months later. If not for Mederma I am sure the scars would have stayed clearly visible. I used it intermittently with Vitamin E as well as needing to keep sunscreen on my face at all times throughout the process.


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