Vizio 24" Smart TV

I have had my +Vizio SmartTV for about 4 days now. I am missing the screws to connect the base to the TV so it is sitting up but scary that it could fally so I have to have something behind it so It does not fall. The picture is great and it is nice and clear. I have tried the different features on it and they work well. I am able to connect to the internet wirelessly and by ethernet cable. I have it connected to the cable box by just a straight cable connection. I do not have an HDMI cord which it says the picture will be better if connected this way. However this is my first flatscreen television of my own and I think it works great. I love the Smart features except the fact that they are very limited and I have my choice of just about 150 apps. Many of which are +Yahoo apps such as Yahoo finance, Yahoo weather, Yahoo news. It does have Facebook and twitter. But I cannot add apps of my own choosing that I would like. It does allow me to play Youtube videos and has +HuluPlus, +Netflix, +Amazon and +M-Go. But it does not have +Redbox streaming unfortunately or +Blockbuster.


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