Suave Clinical Protection

I have used Suave Clinical Protection Wild Cherry Blossom prescription strength wetness protection anti-perspirant deoderant for about 5 months until my most recent switch due to medical issue. However,the Suave 24-hour pro solid protection it gave was great. It helped my underarms stay dry and free from perspiration as well as gave me a security when I smelled the sweet scent of it instead of perspiration. It has given me a sense of security knowing I was protected and did not have to worry about body oder throughout the day when using it. I hope to be able to go back to using it soon. It was a great product and replacement for another product I used that was good too but Suave was more affordable and gave me the needed security. I was saving money and having all I desired from the product. I recommend Suave Clinical Protection to all who can use an anti-perspirant that blocks the sweat.


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