Schick Razors

I have tried 2 different Schick razors over the past couple months. The first a Schick Hydro in which I really liked. Its handle was shaped ergonomically and not plastic feeling. The razor fit nicely in my hand making it comfortable to hold while shaving the different contours needing to be shaved. It also had a close shave making it a nice shaver. However the next time I went to use it, the shaver and blades were stuck to the plastic protector that came with it. The moisturizer in the shaver had seeped out and dried itself to the shaver making the shaver unusable without buying a refill pack of blades. I was not about to dish out $25 for a refill package of blades only to get one use out of each of them due to the seepage of skin moisturizer in them. I do not recommend this product to others. Though I then bought a Schick Intuition razor which was much better and I do recommend. It came with 2 cartridges with a moisture dried creme surrounding the blade. It works really well and comes with a nice cover and suction cupped holder to place it in when not in use. This prevents the previous problem from occurring that I had experienced with the Schick Hydro. The design is much different however it provides a comfortable grip to hold it and shave the contours needing to be shaved. I truly like the design and shave I receive from this.


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