My First Infuenster Vox Box The JollyVoxBox

I received the #JollyVoxBox from +Influenster the other day. Today we tested out some of the products included in it. My niece spent the night last night so we tested the makeup products today. Included in the #JollyVoxBox was +RimmelLondonUs #ShowOffLipLacquer. It is a nice pink lip lacquer that is shinny and great fitting with our skin tones.

We also tried the +NYCNewYorkColor #HDColorTrio. It having nice tones with a highlighter, the all over lid, and the crease colors all in tan/brown tones.

The +Puffs #passThePuffs tissues included in my #JollyVoxBox from +InfluensterVox were Puffs Plus Lotion and very soft and helped with the irritation from another brand of tissues I had been using. My nose is no longer raw from needing to blow it due to using the +Puffs tissues I received. We both tried the +TheSkinnyCow and was able to #IndulgeWithSkinny. I loved the smooth, creamy, flavored dive filled chocolate candies. Feeling no guilt whatsoever eating them. Its a very well put together snack. My #VoxBox also included +TheDuckBrand #MiniDucklings roll of splashed duck tape we plan on making a small project with. It is a mini roll of white duck tape with what looks to be paint splashes of yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange on them. I am excited to make a crafty little thing with the #MiniDucklings tape that came in my +Influenster #VoxBox.


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