Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos I9192

Well have had my Galaxy S4 Mini Duos for few weeks now. I have yet to experience much of the features still since they are extensive however its a great device. Definitely more than a phone. Its my hand held android based computer pretty much. Features front and back cameras. The front facing camera is great for video calls and the rear camera takes nice pictures. Cameras feature several modes to help in various situations such as taking pictures at night. So far I only have used the night scheme and it works very nicely. The screen is 4.3 inches however it is a  bit small compared to its parent phones it still packs a punch in pixels and has great resolution.  I run mine with off a tmobile mvno Spot Mobile currently and not too happy with the service so far. Probably will switch it to at&t mvno shortly  and see if its better. May run both at some point since the phone is a Duos and has 2 sims that can run it. I have the factory unlocked version so can be used with any gsm carrier. Had difficulty with the mms for a bit as I had to setup the apn settings myself then that has worked since. It immediately had an update right out of the box which brought it to android 4.2.2 however I was hoping for the 4.3 update then I would be closer to kitkat update but nothing yet. Once in while the phone has issues with making phone calls and hearing the caller or persons you called. Then suddenly it just restarts itself and it works fine for a while. However unsure whats the cause of this difficult and its sudden reboot. Does it 2 to 3 times a day depending on my usage of it. Plays games with ease and is pretty simple to use its general features.


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