I received my SodaStream as a gift for Christmas.  I just love it. I have tried many of the SodaStream flavors and narrowed my likings down to just a couple so far. Some I have truly disliked, some are tolerable, then others I find awesome. My favorite currently is SodaStream cherry cola. It tastes very similar to cherry coke where as some of the flavorings have a vad aftertaste in my opinion.  The cherry cola does not seem to have that. I also like the mango energy and energy flavors. The strawberry flavoring is good tasting and is very similar to a store brand strawverry flavored soda. I do not like the regular cola flavoring or the orange flavor.

The machine itself is great. Better than the SodaStream machine my son has. The one I have has a light system to let you know when the amount of co2 is at the level you want by lighting up one, two, or three lights and also can hear a squeal. When releasing it the extra gas releases. The SodaStream system my son has does not have the light up system built in and instead must be determined just by the sound to figure out his co2 amounts. My machine the bottle slides up into and back to clip it in as with my sons it must be screwed in and screwed out. My machine appears easier to use and the better lasting machine between the two. However they are both great money savers.  Especially with the energy flavors.  My son does not have to spend 2.50-3.00 on a single can of energy drink such as NOS or Redbull. The SodaStream is a money saver thats for sure.


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