Had a great Spa Party Sponsered By @NaturesBounty.

There was not many adults who attended However there was plenty of teens at the party who had a blast with the Spa part of the Party along with all the snacks they had. The younger men who attended the party were in their late teens though all were 19 they had fun but did not participate in the Spa part of the party and instead attended the room occupied with video games playing Xbox360 and XboxOne. Then us adults that attended had our own little party enjoyed our relaxation, chatting, drinks, and fun! All and all was a great #HouseParty sponsered by @HouseParty and @NaturesBounty. They sent along in a party pack some Natures Bounty Gummie Vitamins for your hair, nails, and skin. The vitamins are strawberry flavored and have vitamin C, vitamin E, and Biotin in them. They do not taste bad however I did not think the strawberry flavoring was great.They also provided a package of multiple colors of nail polish. The polish was not so great as in the shower the next day one whole nail came off in a single flake, as well as the rest are pealing and look horrible. However we had a great #HouseParty any way and I plan on posting pictures later.


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