Krafts new tacoBell Bottled Sauces make my Homemade Chili Fries the Best

Bottled #TacoBellBottledSauces Wow! Why have they not done this sooner? Possibly a marketing promotion to up their sales or maybe just their sales have been down so they needed to improve somewhere. However I like taco bell its not a place I go often. I would rather have these sauces available as they now are for my at home cooking not as before when I would have to save some of the packets or eat at TacoBell everytime. I now have the freedom to have the #TacoBellBottledSauces on whatever I want it on. #GotItFree #BzzAgent #BzzCampaign #BottledAwesome My #OreIda frozen Fries from #Kroger have never tasted better. I love to use the #BottledAwesome Fire and Verde TacoBell Bottled Sauces on the homemade chili cheese fries using @OreIda Olive oil and garlic natural fries from @Kroger and homemade chili with shredded cheddar cheese. @Kraft


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