I was sent packages of Pine Bros softish throat drops in exchange for a review after testing the products. There were 2 flavors, Natural Lemon and Licorice.  Of the 2 flavors I preferred the licorice flavor over the natural honey flavor. Though thats my personal preference.i found them both flavorex to perfection.

These being throat drops I believed they would sooth a sore throat somehow. But rather the effect I received from the were wonderfully flavoured sorta hard but chewy somewhat  like the candy back in the day jujus. These drops have helpedme with my dried mouth and throat but did not numb and last.

The Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops seem of quality ingrediants and great flavored. Not overpowering but just the right flavor. These throat dropsare Made in America since 1870. The honey flavored drops sunflower oil, corn syrup, sugar, honey with other natural flavors for the inactive ingredients and glycerin as the active ingrediant. The licorice flavored drops consist of the same ingrediants but replacing the honey with licorice flavor.

The natural lemon drops came in travel round countainer consisting of 26 drops while they also come in a value pack! feshness bag with 32 drops. The licorice came in 32 count value package freshness bag.

I recommend these drops to anyone with dry mouth and throat. I particularly didn’t get relief from them for sore throat.


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