Christmas 2014

I spent Christmas eve over my brothers house where my Son lives. I had a great time hanging out and enjoying the time my son and I spent together laughing and joking around until the morning hours of Christmas. He usually does nt like hanging out with me orspending time So I Treasured our great evening . We also both each had a friend that Was Going to be alone for the holiday and took a ride to pick them up and have them Come spend the holiday with us and our family, It was very nice being able to provide I other people with a family a tmosphere and holiday dinner and Know we were the reason they did not have to be alone. I only hope that my Son enjoyed the time we had together as much as I did and also felt good to help a friend out and not leavethem on their own on a day of love, Sharing , giving happiness to others, I now here at home havehad my friend here as Company so he gets a chance to have a change of scenery and hopefully we both bouncing ideas off each other will help us in the future to be able to build better futures For ourselves, we can talk q lot about wanting to accomplish , acheive , and do Sornuch but we need to both work on our follow through because our Intell, gent ideas go no where when wedontdo anything with them, I hope someday to have this friendship progress fort her and Both bee able to encourage each other and grow buildingeachothers futures brighter but only time will tell. For now the Conversations are great and I not so alone and lonely too bad he will have to leave and go home in couple days I wish he would stay, even stay living here as a Companion to have Some one to talk to ,hear me,support meemotionally, understand me, and help me when I lonely , hurt , depressed , and hopeless.But he willleave and I willgo back to being alone having no one who cares, no one who bothers, no one who listens or hears me and I will be back feeling hopeless, worthless, useless, unloved , not Cared about , and shown I mean nothing to no one until they want mefor something or need something,My life has no real worth orpurpose. tn mean nothing to anyone from whatpeople show me.

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