Bobbi Jean’s 2pc Tong Set (9-Inch, 12-Inch Tongs & 10" Spatula)

I really liked this tongs with bonus spatula. Glad I was able to get these at a great promotional price. However they are such great quality they are definitely worth the regular price. The feel of them and ease of use are awesome.these tongs are sturdy and fit nice in my hand. They are sturdy and well made having a locking built in device to keep them closed and open as well as being able to be hung on a wall. I see the silicone tips is what gives them a tight grip on foods, whether it be frying chicken, making fresh kale salad, and may even be great for grilling. They seem to hold a good grip and can be used on teflon non stick pans withput worry of scratching the nonstick bottoms. They are also easy to clean with a cloth and dawn dish soap. Though may be able to be washed in a dishwasher though i dont know because i dont have a dishwasher. The free spatula bonus that came with this 2 tong set has also great silicone that is just as simple and comfortable to hold and use. I dont consider it a spatula that will ne good at flipping burgers but more of a mixing tool for baking desserts. These products are really great replacements for my not so good quality all metal tongs that are flimsy, starting to rust, and cheaply made. Definitely will recommend these to others.


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