Frozen X-plosion Frappe Base Mix 3 Pound Bag (Misc.)

I received this item in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, the only negatives I have found with this product is its packing. Came with a slice in its bag but outside of that the bag is not closable. One must either store in another countainer, zip lock back, or tape package closed.

As far as the product quality itself, I have never used anything like this to compare it to however I used it the past 2 days to make homemade coffee frappes in my Ninja. I followed the directions on the package and found it was a great addition to my frappe and a replacement for the creamer I usually use. My frappee was not clumpy as I thought it might be with this product being powder and I using ice and cold coffee. 3 ingredients to mm ake an excellent honemade frappe without creamer, milk, or sweetener. I found it had an excellent balanced sweetness to it. I was very surprised by this product. I was not expecting much from it. I howecer now plan on using it daily. Tomorrow I am going to try it as a fruit smoothie base. I had not realized it would be so versetile. It seems to be a very well rounded eclectic product.

I appreciate having been able to try this product. Also suprised me with the quantity I received. Thinking it was going to be a sample of some sort rather than a full sized 3lb bag of this wonderful product. I have already told my brother and my sister in law about this product and how good it is. Letting them know the can save themselves quite a bit of cash with this product instead of buying fast food frappe everyday.


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