Fruit Infused Water Bottle: INFUSION EDGE Wide Mouth, SHATTER & LEAK PROOF

I received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion of this product.
Upon receipt of this interesting product and removing it from its package I noticed there was no instructions. However, it was a simple enough design to figure out. I made some cucumber infused water by removing the inner chamber and unscrewing the chambers cover. It does have a wider mouth than many of the water bottles I have purchased however its not wide enough to wash by hand. The inner chamber was easy to remove fill with my sliced cucumber and replace in the bottle. I the filled with water and left sitting for a while To allow the flavor of the cumcucumber to infuse. Upon drinking it I tasted a pleasant flavored water. I do hahowever feel this bottle needed a spout to drink from rather than having to uscrew the bottles cover and sipping. Its not a difficult bottle to drink from but its design could use some changes. Since described as a wide mouth bottle it would seem as it should be easy enough to wash by hand but its not. You will need a brush of some sort to wash this. The bottle is made of what appears to be a strong sturdy hard plastic. It comes with a 5 year guarantee so I assume its not easy to break or crack by simply dropping. However, im not willing to purposely throw it on the ground to test that factor. I willsay it does not have the plastic smell to it as some bottles I have used previously and thats very pleasing. I recommend others to this bottle but urge the manufacturer and designer to possibly change a bit of its design to make for easier cleaning and drinking.


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