Pure Peppermint Oil – 100% Pure & Cold Pressed Peppermint Essential Oil

In exchange for my 100% honest opinion I received a 4oz bottle of this wonderful pure cold pressed peppermint oil. After using it for a few days my house is greatly scented with an invigorating minty scent through out. I did also try this in my waer placing 5 drops in about 12 ouces of water as I have heard it helps with depression and was also hoping that it would help clear some of the ccongestion in my chest but it did not and was really strobg tasting that I could not finish my cup however using it in my diffuser to scent my house it is not overpowering. Instead it is just perfect after placing 5 drops of it in the diffuser with 4 oz warm water and allowing it to infuse into my home leaving my place smelling wonderful. I dont recommend this as an additive to drinks but definitely do recommend it to everyone looking for a great minty scent in their home. I cannot say I feel its impacted my mood or depression at this point but it possibly could if consistently used. I however have not used it long.


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