Fractionated Coconut Oil – for Use as Carrier Oil, Massage Oil or with Essential Oils

In exchange for my honest opinion I received a 16oz bottle of goPURE Naturals coconut oil. I had no idea what it was used for before receiving it and had to do some research before trying it. I found out it is a great massaging oil as well as a carrier oil for essential oils such as peppermint oil which helps with headaches, depression, and smells really good when diffuse throughout the house. The fractionated coconut oil helps lighten the strong scent of the essential oils but seems not to take away any of the effects instead helps it last longer because a lot less essential oil gets used when cut with goPURE Naturals coconut oil. Though its an oil it is by no means greasy and it runs in very well when massaged into the skin leaving the skin moistened but not greasy. helped to smooth my skin a bit since I began using it a couple days ago. I am however hoping I can get my son to use it for he is mix raced and his skin is very ashy along with the dryness he has severe eczema that has been treated for years without success by prescription and no prescription creams. now that hes an adult his eczema has gotten even worse covering his back, arms, and part of his chest and bothers him because his skin is itchy but also covered and is embarrassing to him. So I hope I can get him to try this and it helps smooth his skin and lessons his eczema along with moistens his ashy legs and arms. also hear it is good for your hair and scalp and so I am going to try it in my hair not because my hair is really dry but lately my scalp has been dry.


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