Bistro Long Handled Spoons

These spoons I received at a promotional price in exchange for my honest opinion of them. These are great! They come 8 to a pack. They feel well made. The handles are long on these which is very handy. The long handle aids in reaching the very bottom of taller cups filled with ice cream or theywill help get the cherry at the bottom of a milkshake when its all gone. They also are great for sugar portions in my coffee and hopefully willallow my mind to be tricked into less sugar intake since the spoon end is a bit smaller than the regular spoon I usually use to add sugar to coffee. They are not overly light or heavy. They feel just right when being held in my hand and I truly need some spoons like these. I am going to keep half and give the other half to my brother since there is 8 of them and I hardly ever have more than myself here. Very rarely I have his girls over so at most I nedd is 3 but I like them alot so I am keeping 4 of these longer handled dessert spoons.


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