Curling/Flat Iron Heat Resistant Glove

In exchange for my honesty I received this purple heat resistant glove at a discount price. I found this wonderfully colored and soft on my hand. It is ambidextrous so it can be worn on either your right or left hand without any problems. I am right handed so I used it on my left hand. It was just a tad bigger than each of my fingers. My glove did hang over my thumb more than the rest of my fingers but not so much that I could not work with it on. This glove is used to protect your hand from burns that occur while curling yours or someone elses hair. It is not going to do its job if you are purposely trying to test how long you can hold the barrel of the curling iron before feeling the heat. no one intentionally burns themselves while preparing their hair it is accidentally and usually just a quick touch to the skin which is how this glove comes in handy and protects you from these very quick but bad burns that can occur without it. This glove does not burn like a regularly glove would if touched with a hot curling iron or straightener. If its touched quickly by a heated curling iron no burnt marks are left on the glove as would be on a regular winter or designer glove.


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