Orblue Pastry Cutter Dough Blender

In exchange for my honest opinion I received a promotional discount for this wonderful product. I don’t see I will use it often but it is definitely a winner and keeper that I will always use when making my homemade pizza for my son. I had previously not made my dough by hand but instead used a blender that has a dough mixer attachment. However I then still had to knead the dough by hand. With this Orblue dough blender I no longer have a need to pull out the blender and mixer blades. This feels well made. I am unsure of what the product is supposed to compare to since this is tge first time I have ever used a hand held dough blender. The handle on this is just perfect to hold comfortably and the blades are thick metal that blends the dry ingredients well and then with the liquid ingredients this perfectly blends all ingredients together making great blended dough leaving no dry ingredients unblended. I have never used anything like this but am sure it will come in handy for other making other things I just do not make much that often. This will probably be very useful for cookie dough’s, breads, mashed potatoes, and I am going to try to use it for gluten free pizza dough and mashed cauliflower which I am sure it will be great help in smoothing the cauliflower. I am glad I was able to try this product.


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