Vegetable Spiral Slicer by Kitchen Joint

I received this from a promotion in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. I was quite skeptical upon receiving this product. I took it out the box and thought to myself this cant do much but I am surprised with the results. Both ends worked well on my zucchini and yellow squash. Both similarly shaped. However the carrot was a bit more difficult to use with this since it was much thinner than the slot. It did however work with the carrot. I do wonder about its design thinking it could be improved a bit in order to use more of the vegetable than what it does. it leaves a pointed part of the vegetable that probably could be used more easily and spiralized if the top piece that is used to push the vegetable down was point in a similar shape as the spiralizer. The Kitchen Joint Veggie Spiral Slicer is the first of these I have tried and found it very simplistic easy to use. I spiral sliced the yellow squash, zucchini, and carrots trying both sizes. 

One appears to be very thin almost like angel hair pasta while the other is a bit thicker but not that thick as a fettuccine. I froze half of the combination of spiralized veggies and used the other half as my main course adding a bit of steak, garlic, and olive oil sauteing over medium low heat until steak was medium rare and the veggies were warmed but not  mushy. I am very happy with the Spiral Slicer. It worked well and my supper was great. It also comes with a little brush to aide in its cleanup which was very useful in this kitchen appliances cleanup. Cleanup was easy and quick.


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