YouTrim Dual action Weight Loss pills with Fat Burner

In exchange for my honesty I received this product at a promotional cost. I have used it for just a few days so far. One of the first things I notice is I am not getting the headaches I usually get with some other dieting pills. I do not feel drained and napping in the afternoon from the crash that usually comes with dieting pills. The pills are quite large (See Comparison to a US quarter below) though I do not have a hard time swallowing them with a few sips from a glass of water. Then I finish the whole glass of water with them. My appetite is definitely not what it was a few days ago before I started using this dual action dieting pill combination, YouTrim. I received 3 wonderfully informative and helpful pdfs by email that will aid in my weight loss journey as well as others. Though the pounds have not fallen off yet I am sure they will. I have to remember to eat my lunch since my body is not telling me its hungry thanks to these pills that work together to suppress my appetite and speed up my metabolism. I am so happy I have found a great product and can recommend it to others.


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