Data Pilot Investig8 software for the PC by Susteen, Inc

I got this complimentary software in exchange for my honest opinion. Heres my thoughts about this computer software after using it for several hours today, after the analyzation it pops up a box telling you that you need to manually root the phone. However unsure what that might do extra since I did not root my device. I was able to see in the report it did produce alot of information though. It pulled texts, incoming and outgoing from the phone listing them in lists sorted into incoming and outgoing. As well as the calls sorted by incoming, outgoing, and missed. None of the texts were any that I had deleted and some of what was in my phone was not in the sorted lists for texts. This also occurred with the phone calls that I have deleted from my call list. Possibly this may be because my device is not rooted however if the program is supposed to do this then I should not have to root my device to get the iinformation that has been deleted previously. Since this is being marketed as a program to catch your cheating mate and know what your children are involved in on their phones thsn there should be a way not to need the device in hand attached to the computer to pull the information. Also not many people know how to manually root their devices so if the program does actually pull deleted information from the phone than the device should not have to be rooted since this program leads me to believe that it pulls the deleted information. why would a child or a cheating mate leave the evidence on their phone without deleting it? the program help file is informative and shows how to use the program as well as its simple to use but in my opinion it is not what it says it is. If I wanted to see the information I would just look in the phone since this program only pulled the information thats in the phone. Also since it sorted the information by outgoing and incoming text its harder to follow a conversation than just looking through the phone. It also pulled pics and contacts which is helpful to have the contacts in a paper form incase some day the computers all crash and nonne of us these days generally know others phone numbers cause we just use the contact listed without dialing. Though it pulled contact pictures too pictures that have been deleted was not able to be pulled. I find this to really not be very helpful. #Investig8 my device is not rooted and if it was maybe this program would do more and be able to pull the information thats missing and would help catch a cheating mate or a child endangered through phone information but that is all useless since you are trying to use it for a private reason so then why would you root every device? Also the information that is sorted should not be sorted into the catergories they are but by contact, just a suggestion for future updates of this. I received version 1.1.0 of #Susteen,Inc. #DataPilot #Investig8


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