Really impressed with these pastry basting brushes

I received these silicone basting and pastry brush set at a promotional price in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion.  They are well made. These are great for egg washes on pies, buttering pastries, brushing marinades on meats that are grilling or cooking any other way. These pair of brushes are easy to wash, pliable but not weak instead durable, and they are of quality. I hadnt had any of these for quite awhile.  The last one I had was wooden handle with actual brush bristles shaped as a mini paintbrush. The wood ones were much harder to clean as opposed to these plastic silicone brushes. I received one blue and one red. They come apart easily to clean each part thoroughly and the hard plastic handle has a hole in it to be able to hang these on hooks. I really like them and am happy I was able to partake in checking these put. #SERENDIPlicity #pastrybrush #bastingbrush


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