Eksel Meat Marinade Injector Set

I received the Eksel Stainless Steel Injector Set at a promotional cost in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. This product is quite an impressive set containing a 2 piece silicone basting brush that is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning, a pepper mill with matching salt shaker, as well as a marinade injector with detachable 2 piece set of needle points. I would recommend this set to any cooking enthusiast. The 2 needle ends are for different injection of seasoning for injection into meat. One having a wide opening made to inject diced garlic and other larger sized seasonings into a roast or chicken/turkey. The other having several holes up and down the needle chamber allowing the liquid marinade to easily be injected into any type of meats one might want extra flavoring or juiciness into them. Your meats will come out really juicy and quite flavorful with this injector set. The seasoning chamber is easy to clean as its made of metal with a plastic tip that the needle screws onto easily and the plunger separates from the marinade chamber. this whole set is nicely made and a wonderful addition to anyones kitchen. Who knows when you may want to experiment with new ways of flavoring meat for your guests/


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