Quality Made Bru Joy Milk Frother

In exchange for my unbiased honest opinion of the Bru Joy Stainless Steel Frother I received it at a promotional cost. I had never used a milk frother previously and did not even know really what this would do. Upon receipt of the product I needed to get some batteries for it. It requires 2 AAA batteries for use. The Bru Joy Milk Frother also comes with screws and a wall hangup for it to be kept handy. I was unsure if this was going to work with Almond Milk since I had never used one but it was very worth the try and worked awesome. Upon frothing my almond milk which was less than half the glass full before frothing ended up being a full glass of frothed Almond Milk. I was able to make 2 nice cups of coffee with this

added frothed milk. This frother was very gentle in its frothing. It is quiet and easy one button clicked on and then clicked to turn off. This will be great for eggwhites, homemade whipped cream made from whipping cream, and even meringue for lemon meringue pie. It is small however powerful and appears sturdy. The body is made from solid metal and the frothing end seems made of a single piece of thick sturdy wire. I am sure this is going to last years by its quality.

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