Aeroburn Resistance Exercise Loop Bands

In exchange for my unbiased honest opinion I received a set of Aeroburn exercise loop bands at a promotional cost. Upon receipt they were folded neatly in a small mesh bag with a small foldup instructional/helpful manual. The bag is small enough to fit in pockets or backpack side pouch even will fit in a ladies purse with ease. The three bands are different colors and different strength depending on the resistance the user desires. One is green and thin but not weak. It is the lowest resistance band in this set and where most beginners will begin. The blue strip is a bit thicker than the green loop and for medium resistance. Within minutes I switched from using the green loop to the blue loop. The blue loop seems just right with the amount of resistance that seems right for me and my abilities. maybe I will eventually be able to move up to the red loop which is the thickest band for the highest resistance in the 3 band set. The manual was easy to understand and helpful in its descriptions for exercises to use the loops with. It even included pictures showing what was described in the instruction of the exercises. the manual folds nicely, is black and white but helpful to get started using these bands. They all fold up and fit into the mesh bag along with the instructions


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