Better Than Melatonin, LUNA

I usually take prescription sleep medication. However I am trying to lesson my need for them after many years since I have suddenly gotten to a point that they seem not to work much of the time. At first I tried different sleep teas without any help sleeping. I sometimes got 2 to 3 days without being able to sleep and other times I have difficulty staying asleep for more than a few hours. Luna sleep aid seems to be better than the melatonin I have tried even though it has less melatonin than the 10mg ones i had been taking without and success at sleeping. i even had to take a 2nd and a 3rd 10mg melatonin of store pharmacy brand last week unable to still fall asleep. The Luna though has less melatonin has several other ingredients that are natural herbs and with the combination of them all in a capsule so far works well. It helped me relax and rest easily then eventually fall asleep. I hope that i have found a new sleep aid that will work long term and I can no longer need prescription sleep medication as well as i can go to and stay asleep with ease.


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