Majestic Pure Argan Oil

In exchange for my unbiased honest opinion I received a 4oz bottle of Majestic Pure argan oil. This has a bit of a smell but not much. it is used for dry hair and skin as well as helpful for people with eczema. i am hoping it will help my son with his severe eczema which has been untreatable with the prescription medication he has been prescribed. I plan on mizing about 1/2 oz of this with about 3 1/2 oz of the majestic pure fractionated coconut oil and putting it in a spritz bottle in hopes he will use it more often since its hard for me to get him to help himself since he feels its hopeless and he just have to suffer with this. At 20 years old he has had it his whole life and feels embarrassed by it and so he stays to himself more than he does when it is not active. Until he comes by I have tested the argan oil a bit myself and find it helpful in moisturing my skin and hand without leaving them oily. It appears to be helping my skin dryness that I had a few days ago before using it.


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