Bru Joy Knife Sharpener

In exchange for an honest unbiased opinion I got The Bru Joy Knife Sharpener at a promotional cost. After already loving 2 of their other products I was glad to be lucky enough to have this opportunity. I have never owned my own knife sharpener and had only ever used the knife sharpeners that have a handle much like the knives they come with and are long and of metal. The Bru Joy sharpener is shaped to fit your hand nicely in order to have a nice sturdy strong

balanced to a levelness that needs no pressure. The sharpener came with directions on its box that were very clear. It has 2 sharpener slots one marked course and the other marked fine. The course slot is used to sharpen really dull knives sliding just 2 times and then 2 times in the fine slot sharpened my knife very nicely. The fine slot is for knives that do not need much sharpening but needs a bit. The design is nice and its weighted evenly when being lightly held. All and all I recommend this product to anyone, the inspiring chef as well as the stay at home mom that needs a bit of sharpness added to their knives with simplicity.


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