RezVera All Natural Sleep Aid for Insomnia

I received RezVera Natural Sleep Aid in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. After taking a single dose I cannot say I will be using these as a replacement for my prescription sleep aids. I did notice I was more relaxed but not sleepy after taking. I have had sleep difficulties for years and been on several prescription medications as well as taken different over the counter medications to aid in my sleep. I was hoping this would be a replacement for my prescription medications that are made from synthetic chemicals as opposed to natural. Unfortunately, it is not going to be able to though it definitely will probably help with my anxiety since it did relax and calm me but not make me sleepy. The capsules are large but not hard to swallow. they do have a slight smell that was odd to me but not overpowering that one would not be able to take because of it. They come with a plastic band as well as a sealed cover for added security and assurance of tamper proof. Of course my experience will not be everyone elses experiences especially since my insomnia has lasted for years as opposed to the occasional insomniac needing a boost a few days here and there to get to and stay asleep.


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