All Natural Diuretic Water Pill

In exchange for my honesty and unbiased opinion I received this Advanta Supplement Natural Diuretic. Although my experience may differ from others i had a fairly good experience with these Natural water pills. I was hoping they will help me lose some extra water weight I have gained over last couple years. I have not lost any weight however I have only used for a couple days. Although these pills started working fairly quickly I have had to drink much more water since I am peeing out alot. I actually was up most of last night peeing though I had taken one a few hours before bed and then another at bedtime. Though it is supposed to be natural and not so quick to work it worked on me within a few hours of the first dose and leveling out throughout the day after being up all night.with each pill there is 25mg of potassium to help with the loss of potassium you experience when taking other water pills and prescription diuretics. They are fairly large capsules but were not hard for me to swallow and do not have a poor smell to them. I recommend these to others in need of flushing their kidneys and urinary tract but caution you to not go on a long drive or walk where a restroom is not far.


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