I received a bottle of Brainergy-X in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. I am a person who has been diagnosed with ADHD both as a child and as an adult. I have been on narcotic medications for this diagnosis and gained much help from them in being able to focus, organize, and be on time for stuff including school assignments. After my last prescription medication was taken off my insurance approval list I have not had any prescription medications to help me. That was in October 2014. However I had seen a few advertisements and read an article about nootropics over the last few months with a desire to find something that is much more affordable than my monthly prescription cost was going to be. But I did not buy any of them because there is a few options out here. I was offered a chance to get this and decided it was something I really needed to try since thing in my life have become very disorganized these last few months. Skeptical at best I ordered Brainergy-X having no reservations or belief as to them helping me. I have been taken them now for a couple days and would like to say that I am impressed with their impact. I do not feel jittery or more anxious but do feel more alert but not hypervigilant, more able to focus on what it is that I need to do or get done, and things seem to be more achievable since taking these the past couple days. I am not experiencing the crash that comes from obsessive amounts of caffeine but I do feel more capable of getting things done and less stressed. I do not feel that this has increased my energy but however has helped me apply the energy to more beneficial production but helping me to focus more and keep at a task longer than I would normally until it is complete. I recommend Brainergy-X to anyone who has a job that has deadlines, college kids taking classes, to parents who want to lesson their lack of production or that want to get their teens off of the high cost more dangerous addictive medications that are prescribed so regularly nowadays.


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