Digital Thermometer brought to you by PUNA, Inc.

In exchange for my unbiased honest opinion I received a blue Puna Foldup Digital Meat Thermometer. This thermometer is perfect for the patio bbq utensils. It folds in and out for convenience and easy storage. This will be very convenient for the home cook or the professional chef. It is speedy, giving an accurate reading in approximately 3 seconds. It takes a AAA battery which is not included but can be found anywhere really.The packaging comes with thorough instructions for operation of your meat thermometer including a meat temperature chart. The thermometer comes ready to read temps in Celsius but is easily changed to fahrenheit with a press of a button. It will memorize your current temp with a press of button until the hold button is pressed a second time and features an automatic shut off if not in use for a period of time to conserve battery life. You can quickly and accurately cook meats to perfection with this thermometer or use it while making your homemade candy and fudge.The handle is curved made of to fit in your hand easily and comfortably. Made of plastic it will be easy to wipe clean with out immersion of the handle in water since it is digital otherwise it will get destroyed and be of no use. However the probe that is metal can be washed and should be washed with hot soapy water since meats can carry bacteria and it will help with cross contamination. This is a handy kitchen tool for just about anyone in the kitchen.


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