Black & Decker 400-Watt Juice Extractor with Custom Juice Cup, Black .

Though a cheap costing Juicer this 400 watt black & decker is a great little appliance. Remembering that this is one of the cheapest priced juicer on the market. So if you are expecting to be able to set it and forget type thing this will be disappointing to you. But if you know and understand it needs to be used appropriately to its size and cost, than it will truly last and be loved. Because of this you have to chop up the veggies and fruit more than you would with a bigger and much more costly juicer. The idea that you will be able to continuously shove the food into the chute is expecting too much. Thus is a $35 machine not $100. Though with that said it does work great if used according to its ability. It comes with a pulp catch so you can determine how much you want in your juice product. The leftover pulp in the catcher can be used for recipes such as muffins. This is ultimately a juicer that is made for a person with patience and gentleness. Its not going to last if you think of it as something that is more than for light juice extraction. It cleans up easily, keeping in mind that washing its parts as soon as you are finished will allow for the stuff not to dry and get stuck. If not cleaned immediately it will not be so easy to clean and you will have to scrub it a bit. All and all its a great little machine for the occasional user who is in need of a cost effective juice extractor.


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