Thick Clear Shower Curtain Liner

I was very glad to receive this heavy duty Shower Curtain Liner in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. I was in the market for one over the past few months since moving and leaving my old one but barely used one behind although I was afraid to order online because I would not be able to see the thickness and quality before purchasing. I am happy I got this one though. It is very thick and just the perfect size for my bathtub/shower. Its holes to hang it are protected by metal rings to prevent tearing easily as well as it be very thick. It is extremely clear compared to most shower curtain liners that claim to be clear yet barely can be seen through. Now it is thick enough to be used by itself to prevent water from being sprayed out onto the floor however it would never be used in my place by itself because it is so clear and if a guest is in the shower or myself I would not want to be exposed to them or they exposed to me if the restroom is needed while shower is in use. It is however perfect to protect your cloth shower curtains from ruin by mildew, mold, and bacteria that grows on shower curtains easily. I really like the thickness and believe I may never need another shower curtain liner as long as this one is in my possession.


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