Black Wrist Hand Adjustable Sport Fitness Exercise Enhancer 9.3oz Weight Sandbag By MyProSupports (Medium, Right)

In exchange for my unbiased honest opinion I received a right handed adjustable wrist hand weight at a promotional cost. I never have used a wrist weight before. It is about 9.3 oz sandbag weight with an adjustable strap that closes shut with velcro and 2 finger holders. The wrist weight is made of neoprene, it is soft, and the sandbag fits in the center of your palm. It can be helpful in building strength in your wrist or fingers and can be ordered in small, medium, large sizes and for either the right or left hand. Mine is for the right hand however I did try it on on my left hand and though it will work I just would have to not use the thumb hole if wearing to strengthen my left hand, wrist, and fingers. In all is a handy little weight that will help many who experience a bit of weakness in their hands.


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