Extra-O Car Air Purifier

In exchange for my honest unbiased opinion I received the Extra-O Car Air Purifier at a promotional price. This may look like a small useless gadget however it is not. Though visually a small device the job it does is huge. I have an air purifier for my home however I had never known of car air purifier until I got this one. I dont think I need any others since this small gadget has done great. Plugged it into my son’s car that is full of garbage from him and his friends and since they are all young adult males it does not make for a pretty smell riding with them. Especially after they go to the gym or have just finished basket ball! However the Extra-O air purifier for the car works wonders clearing the air in his little 2 door compact car. Also he dont smoke but some of his friends do and hes had asthma his whole life and seems to always be sick lately. So I am hoping this will help clear his air so his friends smoking doesn’t effect his lungs and hope this will lower his allergy symptoms since hes either indoors or in his car most of the time he really needed a great device such as this one to help him. I recommend this to not just people who have smelly vehicles or allergies but everyone can use cleaner air and thats what this is for and it does a great job.


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