NuCell Skin Solution Exfoliating Foot Mask

In exchange for my honest unbiased opinion I received the NuCell Skin Solution Exfoliating Foot Mask single treatment package. Just 5 days ago I placed the Exfoliating Foot Mask on my feet and taped them so they would not fall off. I layed down hoping to relax while the refreshing mask was awaiting the hour. I fell asleep and awoke about 2 hours late. My feet were feeling very refreshed and I removed the plastic booty type coverings and rinsed my feet. Now today my tops of my feet and in between my toes have begun to peel and my skin beneath the dead skin that is falling off is so soft. They really do feel as soft as a baby’s foot. The dead skin does feel a bit tight on my feet right before it peels off to expose the very soft skin beneath. They also have gotten a bit itchy today while they have begun their peeling but not enough to be bothersome and definately the results are worth the itchiness I am getting. I will recommend this product to anyone else who is need of a foot renewal.


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