Portable Handy Orion 6000mAh Power Bank

In exchange for my honest unbiased opinion I received this very useful USB Orion 6000mAh Power Bank Portable USB charger. It features long lasting power, a LED light indication to let you know how much charge it has left, a sliding on feature where you just have to slide your finger across the top to activate the device and begin charging whatever it is you need power for. This Orion Power Bank can dually charge meaning you can use it to charge 2 devices at once. It comes with a mini usb input cord that is used to charge the powerbank but also can be used to charge your devices from the powerbank. While charging the powerbank you can also charg your devices.it has proction from shorting to help prevent damage to your products if there is a short or overheating. this also helps with overcharging. The Orion 600mAh powerbank comes with a year warranty and can be recharged more than 1000 times and holds enough power to recharge your phone at least 3 times without the need to recharge the power pack. It also takes up not too much time to charge this handy portable device. It will fit in your purse easily but I put mine right into my jeans front pocket and it fit nicely with some room to spare. A very nice powerbank and useful for everyone nowadays. I recommend this product to anyone who needs to recharge any of their on the go devices.


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