Zen Living Saffronize

I received a bottle of Zen Living Saffronize 100% all natural Saffron in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. Safronize is supposed to enhance your mood by aiding in the serotonin increase in your brain. It also is used as an aid to help lose weight by helping decrease your appetite allowing you to eat less which allows you to take in less calories, fat, and carbs. The dose of this supplement is a single capsule so this bottle gives you 60 doses of pure saffron. That is 60 days worth of supplement in a single bottle. While taking these capsules the last few days I have not had an drops in energy in the afternoon as some supplements cause though I do not notice any added energy either. I have not lost any inches from my waist or pounds of fat from my body yet but its only been a couple days. I do notice I am not as hungry at meals and my appetite has lessoned. the clinical strength extract found in these capsules do not have any odd tastes and I do not notice a horrible smell to them like some other supplements I have tried.


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