Glitz Temporary Metallic Tattoos

In exchange for my honest unbiased opinion I received this pack of Glitz Metallic Temporary Tattoos. They come with 6 sheets of tattoos that is 5 plus 1 bonus sheet. They are brightly glimmering and easy to apply. With just a bit of water these tattoos are applied in no time. They are lasting if not scrubbed hard in the shower but gently washing with soap and water will not destroy them. They come in various metallic tones and a variety of designs. there has to be atleast one that will fit your need or even that is up your alley of design but I am sure there will be several since this set is great for everyone from child to adult these can be used. Wear for that party after work or send your child to a get together with friends and have them be the talk of the town with these glamorizing temporary tattoos that will come in handy for more than one occasion and will last longer than you think. Says For girls and women however I think Some boys and Men could wear some of these designs quite well and easily be ok.


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