Kelsey Adele No Spill Silicone King Cube Trays

In exchange for my honest unbiased opinion I received this set of 2 Kelsey Adele No Spill Silicone King Cube Trays at a promotional cost. These trays are soft and durable yet sturdy. They came with semi clear durable silicone lids that prevent the liquids from spill out when carried to and from the freezer. the lids give them a tight seal with the blue silicone trays. Between the 2 pack you get 8- 2 inch by 2 inch solid cubes that need no added banging or twisting to get them out. These coul be used for many purposes not just to make ice but also to freeze portioned sized side meals, frozen yogurt or ice cream, and even could use them to make cubed portions of jello. You could make whole portion controlled freezer dinners in them also since there are sections and each section could be used to hold the different food groups for your meals. These are very simple to clean and a great addition to any kitchen. No more plastic ice trays that hardly last and leave you struggling to get a cube out in one piece. Now you can have these Kelsey Adele Living Silicone trays and not need to replace them every time they crack because these will not crack. They will be long lasting. They even came with a bonus of 50 wooden tooth picks.


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