KOKO AROMA EVE Diffuser for Essential Oils

In exchange for my honest unbiased opinion I received a KoKo Aroma Eve diffuser at a promotional price. This is my second diffuser but the first of its kind as it is a glass diffuser. I had not seen one like this before since the first one I bought is a very cheaply made 2 part plastic diffuser. It works but it is in no way as good as this KoKo Aroma glass diffuser. This unique in design glass diffuser is a 3 part plug in diffuser. It features a water level marker on the inner part that allows you to not overfill the diffuser. Then another part slips over the electrical part of the diffuser. Then the decoratively designed glass outer shell slips over that. This can be used in 2 separate settings one that will diffuse for 2 steady hours and the other that will diffuse in a 4 hour interval of sporadic but consistent diffusion into the air. It diffuses a cool mist of great amount of mist. It is not just a little bit. This holds not a whole lot of water but is great decorative designed diffuser. This has an automatic shut off when water level is too low as in almost gone as a protection to not burn it out or overheat and a constant low level light when in use. Great as a relaxation peace in any room but especially a bedroom.


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