Luxx Health Konjac Sponge

In exchange for my honest unbiased opinion I received this Konjac Sponge by Luxx Health. I received this sponge and it has really helped my face clear up. Konjac is made of a plant root and has added bamboo charcoal that is very absorbent and lifts away the dirt and grime that sometimes can be unseen but however is causing harm to our poors. This Konjac Sponge though smaller than I expected is very useful for removing oils and dirt from your skin and clearing up blackheads and removing the dead skin clearing the way for the fresh pores beneath. It is dry when you get it and must be soaked in water for it to expand and be used. It hydrates your skin balancing the ph allowing for your pores to be free and clear of the nasty disgust we do not realize is in them leaving the face very smooth and soft. and it literally pulls away the dirt and oil from your skin to give you a fresh new look! Recommend this Konjac Sponge to any teenager that is experiencing outbreaks. I also advocate the use of this Luxx Health Konjac Sponge to everyone men or women in need of better skin or just wanting to feel their face more invigorating.


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